A reading stand is designed to aid visually impaired in reading

Reading Stand

A reading stand is a top low-vision aid for visually impaired and elderly people in reading, writing and drawing. The reading stand can be folded, which allows it to be easily transported wherever you go. Our reading stands are handmade with uppermost care.

The base of the reading stand is made out of steel, which guarantees a long durability of the product. The steel frame is powder-coated with white color. Four strong suction pads on the backside secure that the reading stand will stick to the table. Thanks to the suction pads it is safe to lean on the reading stand while reading or drawing.

reading stand

The reading stand manufactured by JL-Kaluste can be adjusted to personal needs, because it has a manually adjustable inclination. The correct inclination enables the user to have an ergonomic sitting position and an optimal reading distance.


A ruler attached sideways on the reading stand allows the height of the text to be adjusted to a suitable level. The ruler slides easily due to a felt pad added underneath it. The ruler is tightened with a knob, when the suitable height is found.

The surface of the reading stand is made out of easily cleanable, light green colored melamine-laminated board. In between, there is a magnetic board that allows the text to be fastened to the reading stand with two strong magnets. The edges of the reading stand are lacquered strips of birch.

reading stand JL 88

There are two variants of reading stands


Size 50 cm x 45 cm


Size 40 cm x 35 cm

Kohotaso JL 88